REALTOR® Professionalism

Would you diagnose your own medical problems?

Would you defend yourself in court?

Why, then, would you want to sell your own house?

A REALTOR® is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and as such, subscribes to its strict code of ethics. Only qualified members may use the term REALTOR®.

A REALTOR® is a professional and real estate is their profession and they accept a strict code of ethics as their standard.

A REALTOR® pledges to observe its spirit in all their activities and to conduct their business in accordance with The Code of Ethics. A REALTOR® cares about you and your real estate needs. They are determined to serve you, the client, to your greatest satisfaction and they abide by that commitment.

Do you have ready buyers for your property? Your REALTOR® does.

Real estate is a full time business and your REALTOR® works full time to secure the best and fairest price from the many prospective customers in their file.

Do you know the market value of your property? Your REALTOR® does.

When your property is priced right for the market, you can expect fast action – and full value. A REALTOR® knows the market values because they stay abreast of all real estate sales transactions as well as economic and social factors which can affect property values.

Do you have access to a referral service between cities? Your REALTOR® does.

Local REALTORS® have access to this service. A REALTOR® understands the complexities of selling your property in one city and buying in another – they can make that transition easier. Within their local real estate boards or through coast to coast cooperation, REALTORS® work together in your best interest through referral of clients and sharing information.

Do you have ready access to the equity in your present home? Your REALTOR® can synchronize your “buy and sell” transactions.

Timing means money and convenience to you. Your REALTOR® will do his best to coordinate your buy, sell, or outright trade transactions by simultaneous closings.

Do you know about financing? Your REALTOR® is an expert in finance counseling.

Your REALTOR® knows where the money is – for mortgages, secondary financing, or home improvement loans. They will assist you in obtaining the best financing possible and help you make application for that financing.

Are you a trained sales expert? Your REALTOR® knows the best method of selling property.

The techniques of real estate sales, exchange, guaranteed sales and trade are their everyday tools – they will advise you which method is best for you. They can advise you on how to make use of the equity you have tied up in your home.

Your REALTOR® accepts the responsibility of serving you and pledges to protect and promote your best interests. This obligation of absolute fidelity to your interests is primary but it does not relieve a REALTOR® from the obligation to negotiate fairly with all parties to the transaction.



You’re trusting a REALTOR® with your most valuable possession, your home. REALTORS® take this responsibility very seriously. Here’s what we promise you:

  1. Your REALTOR® is a trained professional
    REALTORS® take extensive pre-licensing courses in order to obtain credentials for practicing in real estate.
  2. Your REALTOR® is continuously trained
    REALTORS® keep pace with the times by taking continuing education courses to upgrade their knowledge on a broad range of real estate related issues in order to be able to continue to provide consumers with current advice.
  3. Your REALTOR® does everything by the book
    A REALTOR® must be registered under provincial laws that govern exactly how real estate can and cannot be traded. These regulations are your legal guarantee of professional behavior.
  4. Your REALTOR® is an ethical businessperson
    REALTORS® must adhere to the extensive Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association. Several provinces have additional codes of ethics governing real estate professionals. Your interests must always be put first.
  5. Opportunity for recourse
    Should you have concerns about the professional behavior of a REALTOR®, provincial regulators and your local real estate board or association take these matters very seriously and work quickly to resolve any issues.
  6. Your REALTOR® has access to a local Board’s MLS® System
    A Board’s MLS® system is the single most powerful tool for buying and selling a home. Your REALTOR® can provide you with exclusive features of the Board’s MLS® System, such as immediate notification when new properties are listed. You don’t have to wait for it to be posted on a web site.


REALTORS® help you get the most for your home and they remove stress and confusion from the process. Here are just some of the advantages.

Your REALTOR® becomes your home’s champion

When you sign a “Listing Agreement” with your REALTOR®, this is their promise that he or she will use all their skills and resources to get the most for your home.

REALTORS® know how to attract the most potential buyers

Your REALTOR® is an expert home promoter, connected to a network of agents and their buyers. He or she knows how to write compelling ads for your home, and only REALTORS® can place your home on a Board’s MLS® System.

REALTORS® will help you increase your homes “sale-ability”

You probably have an emotional attachment to your home, and therefore can’t view it objectively. Your REALTOR® will help you present your home in the best light, so buyers will fall in love with it more easily.

Market Knowledge – to help you get the most for your home

REALTORS® are masters of reading the market and pricing your home for maximum return. A REALTOR®’s experience literally pays!

Negotiation Skills – to keep the deal on track

REALTORS® are indispensable when it comes to bargaining with buyers. Tempers can flare and heels can dig in. Your REALTOR® is an expert at smoothing things out.